'Hello World' Birth Announcement

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting my daughter, Ella's birth announcement! I was dying to get these made weeks before she was born. I had an initial layout in mind but ended up scrapping the design after getting back her newborn photos, which ended up taking me in a completely different direction.

I fell absolutely in love with this photo of Ella on the front of the announcement. Our photographer, Allison of Freckled Egg Photography had this genius idea to photograph her in a circle of fresh cut flowers. Ella must have liked the idea too, because she was wide awake and gave us a little smirk! Here's an overhead shot.

Because of her expression, I felt like a 'Hello World' greeting on the front was a no brainer. All of her pictures were gorgeous, so it was hard for me to narrow down my favorites. I ended up doing a grid of four photos on the back with her birth information in the top left corner, pulling colors for the text from her photos. 

She just turned ten months old, and looking back on this announcement makes me emotional. She's growing up too fast, but I love watching how she's changing and becoming a silly little girl. It feels like just yesterday that she was this small. I'm thankful that her birth announcement will live on in this blog post :)