Fiesta Baby Shower Invitation

My husband and I are expecting our first baby girl in late March, and when my baby shower hostesses asked me to make the invitations I was pumped! It's not often I get to design something for myself and have complete creative control, so this project was a blast! I'm not the girly baby shower type, so we went with a couples shower fiesta theme. I wanted something casual and fun as an excuse for friends to get together, share a meal and talk about all the sleepless nights and dirty diapers to come! To reflect that sentiment I chose bright colors for the invitation and used the bunting and wording to add to the fiesta theme. The colors can easily be customized for your baby shower fiesta!

Here are a few pictures from the shower. I wish I'd remembered to take more! We're so thankful for the support of our family and friends as we prepare to bring our sweet little Ella into the world. Thank you all for an amazing night!

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